Maurice Ravel :: Le jardin magique (The Magic Garden)


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Ravel, Maurice
(b Ciboure, Basses-Pyrenees, 7 March 1875; d Paris, 28 Dec 1937). French composer of Swiss-Basque parentage
Le jardin magique (The Magic Garden)
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A suite of little pieces by Ravel, orchestrated by Bo Holten, 1991-1996. (Nos.1 & 8 are arrangements of Ravel's own orchestrations.) The mvts are played without pause.
1. Fanfare (L'Eventail de Jeanne)
2. Sainte
3. Menuet sur le nom de Haydn
4. Prelude
5. Berceuse sur le nom de Fauré
6. Prelude
7. Menuet
8. Noël des Jouets