William Grant Still :: Symphony No.1 (Afro-American Symphony)


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Still, William Grant
(b Woodville, MS, 11 May 1895; d Los Angeles, 3 Dec 1978). American
Symphony No.1 (Afro-American Symphony) <1930; rev 1969>
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The 1969 revision requires one less clarinet (i.e., [1.2.bcl]), but parts for that version may not be available.
Charles Latshaw has completed a critital edition which is yet to be published; it is available from the editor (charleslatshaw.com) but the piece must still be rented from Novello/Schirmer.
I. Longing: Moderato assai
II. Sorrow: Adagio
III. Humor: Animato
IV. Aspiration: lento; con risoluzione

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Contents—Longing; Sorrow; Humor; Aspiration