Adolphe Charles Adam :: Giselle


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Adam, Adolphe Charles
(b Paris, 24 July 1803; d Paris, 3 May 1856). French
Giselle <1841>
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Eh parts are cued in clarinets.
The Lars Payne material includes the interpolations by Burgmüller and Minkus as well as traditional inserts and transpositions.
Two reductions of this ballet are available:
William McDermott (Kalmus):
2[1.2/pic] 2[1.2/Eh] 2 2 — 3 2 3 0 — tmp+perc — hp — str
Humphrey Searle (Faber):
1/pic 1/Eh 1 1 — 1 1 1 0 tmp+1 — pf — str

Source of text: Théophile Gautier & Vernay de Saint-Georges.
Act I
Act II

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