Alfred Schnittke :: Gogol-Suite


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Schnittke, Alfred
(b Engels, 24 Nov 1934; d Hamburg, 3 Aug 1998). Russian composer of German descent
Gogol-Suite <1976; rev (arr) 1980>
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All keyboards can be covered by 3 players.
Btbn listed as optional, but has 16 bars in mvt 3 not covered elsewhere.
Compiled and arr by Gennady Rozhdestvensky from music to Nikolai Gogol's play
The Dead Souls Register.
1. Overture
2. Tschitchikow's Kindheit (Chichikov's Childhood)
3. Das Portrait (The Portait)
4. Der Mantel (The Cloak)
5. Ferdinand VIII
6. Die Beamten (The Bureaucrats)
7. Der Ball (The Ball)
8. Das Testament (The Testament)
9. Ukrainisches Volkslied (Ukranian Folksong)