Dominick Argento :: Bravo Mozart!; An Imaginary Biography


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Argento, Dominick
(b York, PA, 27 Oct 1927; d Minneapolis, MN, 20 Feb 2019). American
Bravo Mozart!; An Imaginary Biography <1969>
solo oboe, horn & violin
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String deployment:
vn I, II, III (at least 4 of each)
va I, II, III (at least 3 of each)
vc I, II, III (at least 2 of each)
db I, II, III (at least 2 of each)
6 Mozart piano works are used (K.1, 3, 355, 574, 399, 236).
Salzburg: January 27, 1756
The Child Prodigy
Aloysia or Constanze? 4
Lunch in Prague with Da Ponte and Casanova
The Stranger in Grey
Vienna: December 5, 1791
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Contents—Salzburg: January 27, 1756; The Child Prodigy; Aloysia or Constanze?; Lunch in Prague With Da Ponte and Casanova; The Stranger in Grey; Vienna: December 5, 1791