E(rnest) J(ohn) Moeran :: Serenade in G


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Moeran, E(rnest) J(ohn)
(b Heston, 31 Dec 1894; d nr Kenmare, Ireland, 1 Dec 1950). English composer of Anglo-Irish descent.
Serenade in G <1948>
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At first publication, 2 mvts (3 & 7) were removed (apparently for concerns of duration).
Only the 6 mvt version was available until 1996; both versions are now available from the publisher, with the 6 mvt version circa 7 minutes shorter (16').
Mvt 2 for str only.
1. Prologue: Allegro
2. Air: Lento, ma non troppo
3. Intermezzo
4. Galop: Presto
5. Minuet
6. Rigadoon: Con brio, ma tempo moderato
7. Forlana
8. Epilogue: Allegro un poco maestoso