Felix Mendelssohn :: A Midsummer Night's Dream, op.21 & 61 (Ein Sommernachtstraum)


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Mendelssohn, Felix
(b Hamburg, 3 Feb 1809; d Leipzig, 4 Nov 1847). German
A Midsummer Night's Dream, op.21 & 61 (Ein
Sommernachtstraum) <1827–1843>
women's chorus 2 solo sopranos
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Source of text: Overture and incidental music to William Shakespeare’s play.
1. Scherzo (after Act I)
2. Act II, Sc I: "Over hill, over dale"; Entry of
Oberon & Titania
3. Act II, Sc.2: "You Spotted Snakes, With Double
4. Act II, Sc 2: "What thou seest, when thou dost wake"
5. Intermezzo, after Act II
6. Act III, Sc 1: "What hempen homespuns have we
swaggering here"
7. Nocturne (end of Act III)
8. Act IV, Sc 1: "But first I will release the Fairy
9. Wedding March (after Act IV)
10. Act V, Sc 1: Dialogue and Funeral March
11. A Dance of Clowns
12. Reprise of Wedding March (exit of lovers)
Finale. Dialogue & Song: "Through this house give
glimmering light"