Felix Mendelssohn :: Antigone, op.55


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Mendelssohn, Felix
(b Hamburg, 3 Feb 1809; d Leipzig, 4 Nov 1847). German
Antigone, op.55 <1841>
double male chorus (TTBB/TTBB) 4 solo basses
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Complete incidental music to Sophocles' play.
4 solo basses are taken from the choruses (2 from each).
Introduction for orch alone.
Hp in Nos. 1&6 only.

Source of text: Sophocles, tr by Johann Christian Donner & August Böckh. Language: German translation
Introduction: Andante maestoso–Allegro assai
1. Maestoso (Strahl der Helios...)
2. Andante con moto; 2a. Andante (Vieles Gewaltige
3. Moderato–Allegro con fuoco (Ihr Seligen, deren
4. Adagio non troppo–Allegro moderato (O Eros,
5. Recitativo–Allegro assai (Noch toset des Sturmes
6. Allegro maestoso–Allegro assai vivace
7. Andante alla marcia (Hier kommt er ja selbst)