Felix Mendelssohn :: Elijah, op.70 (Elias)


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Mendelssohn, Felix
(b Hamburg, 3 Feb 1809; d Leipzig, 4 Nov 1847). German
Elijah, op.70 (Elias) <1846; rev 1847>
chorus solos SSATB (or more)
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Breitkopf ed. Christian Martin Schmidt.
Source of text: Schubring, after I Kings xvii–xix; Eng. version by W. Bartholomew. Language: German
PART I [66']
Introduction: As God the Lord of Israel liveth
1. Chorus: Help, Lord!
2. Duet with Chorus: Lord, bow thine ear to our
3. Tenor Recit.: Ye people, rend your hearts
4. Tenor Aria: If with all your hearts ye truly seek me
5. Chorus: Yet doth the Lord see it not
6. Alto Recit.: Elijah, get thee hence Elijah
7. Double Quartet: For He shall give His angels charge
8. Aria & Duet: What have I to do with thee
9. Chorus: Blessed are the men who fear Him
10. Recit. with Chorus: As God the Lord of Sabaoth
11. Chorus: Baal, we cry to thee
12. Recit. & Chorus: Call him louder! for he is a God
13. Recit. & Chorus: Call him louder! he heareth not
14. Bass aria: Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel
15. Quartet: Cast thy burden upon the Lord
16. Bass Solo with Chorus: O Thou, who makest thine
17. Bass Aria: Is not His word like a fire!
18. Alto Arioso: Woe, woe unto them who forsake Him
19. Recit. with Chorus: O man of God, help thy people
20. Chorus: Thanks be to God
PART II [67']
21. Soprano Aria: Hear ye, Israel!
22. Chorus: Be not afraid, said God the Lord
23. Recit. with Chorus: The Lord hath exalted thee
24. Chorus: Woe to him! he shall perish
25. Recit.: Man of God, now let my words
26. Bass Aria: It is enough, O Lord
27. Tenor Recit.: See, now he sleepeth
28. Terzetto: Lift thine eyes to the mountains
29. Chorus: He, watching over Israel
30. Recit.: Arise, Elijah
31. Alto Aria: O rest in the Lord
32. Chorus: He that shall endure to the end
33. Recit.: Night falleth round me, O Lord
34. Chorus: Behold, God the Lord passed by
35. Recit. & Quartet: Holy is God the Lord
36. Chorus-recit. & Bass Solo: Go, return upon thy way
37. Bass Arioso: For the mountains shall depart
38. Chorus: Then did Elijah the prophet break forth
39. Tenor Aria: Then, then shall the righteous shine
40. Soprano Solo: Behold, God hath sent Elijah the
41. Chorus & Quartet: But the Lord, from the north hath
raised one
42. Chorus: And then, then shall your light break forth