Franz Schmidt :: Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln (The Book with Seven Seals)


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Schmidt, Franz
(b Pressburg [now Bratislava], 22 Dec 1874; d Perchtoldsdorf, nr Vienna, 11 Feb 1939). Austrian
Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln (The Book with Seven Seals)
solos SATB & Heldentenor chorus
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2 of the percussionists must cover tmp briefly.
The composer gives elaborate instructions for the doubling of woodwind instruments: passages to be doubled are indicated "
a 2" in the score; players of auxiliary woodwinds cover part of the doubling, so that only 1 extra player of each woodwind group is required—i.e., 4 4 4 4. If the doubling cannot be accomplished according to the composer's specifications, then he stipulates there should be no doubling at all.
Source of text: Bible: Revelations; English translation by T.M. Lindsay. Language: German