Frederic Mompou :: Five Songs & Dances [orchd. Casablancas] (Cinc cançons i danses)


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Mompou, Frederic
(b Barcelona, 16 April 1893; d Barcelona, 30 June 1987). Catalan
Five Songs & Dances [orchd. Casablancas] (Cinc cançons i
danses) <1918–1972>
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Originally for piano, selected from 15 Cançons i danses and orchd by Benet Casablancas.
I. No.2: Dotze Cavallers–Galop De Cortesia
II. No.9: Rossinyol que vas a França–Original dance
III. No.10: Cántigas de Alfonso X <1953>
IV. No.7: Muntanyes regalades–L'hereu riera
V. No.4: El Testament d'Amelia–Un Pobre Pagès