Gustav Mahler :: Das klagende Lied (2nd version in 2 mvts)


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Mahler, Gustav
(b Kalischt, nr Iglau [now Kaliste, Jihlava], Bohemia, 7 July 1860; d Vienna, 18 May 1911). Austrian
Das klagende Lied (2nd version in 2 mvts) <1878–1880; rev
1892–1893, 1898–1899>
chorus solos SAT, opt boy alto
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In addition to the main orchestra, a Fernorchester ("distant orchestra") of winds and percussion. Specifications for the Fernorchester are included above in italics. The distance must be adjusted so that a f sounds to the listener as pp and ff as p. The Fernorchester appears only in the final movement.
Universal ed. Rudolf Stephan, 1978.
Source of text: Gustav Mahler, after the Grimm brothers. Language: German
1. Der Spielmann (The Minstrel)
2. Hochzeitsstück (Wedding Piece)

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Contents—1. Der Spielmann (The Minstrel); 2. Hochzeitsstück (Wedding Piece)