Gustav Mahler :: Das klagende Lied (original version in 3 mvts)


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Mahler, Gustav
(b Kalischt, nr Iglau [now Kaliste, Jihlava], Bohemia, 7 July 1860; d Vienna, 18 May 1911). Austrian
Das klagende Lied (original version in 3 mvts)
solos SATBar, 2boys[S&A] chorus
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In addition to the main orchestra, a Fernorchester ("distant orchestra") of winds and percussion. Specifications for the Fernorchester are included above in italics. The Fernorchester must be positioned so that the musicians play ff, but the result is perceived as p. The Fernorchester appears only in the last movement, plus 9 measures of trumpets and percussion in the second movement.
Ed. Reinhold Kubik, 1997.

Source of text: Mahler. Language: German
1. Waldmärchen (Forest Legend)
2. Der Spielmann (The Minstrel)
3. Hochzeitsstück (Wedding Piece)

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Contents—1. Waldmärchen (Forest Legend); 2. Der Spielmann (The Minstrel); 3. Hochzeitsstück (Wedding Piece)