Gustav Mahler :: Symphonic Prelude (Sinfonisches Präludium)


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Mahler, Gustav
(b Kalischt, nr Iglau [now Kaliste, Jihlava], Bohemia, 7 July 1860; d Vienna, 18 May 1911). Austrian
Symphonic Prelude (Sinfonisches Präludium) <1876>
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The attribution of this 1876 work to Mahler is not universally accepted; some scholars believe it to be by Bruckner. The original manuscript is lost. What survives is a preliminary sketch, prepared by Rudolf Krzyzanowski with some notations about orchestration. From this, Albrecht Gürsching created a "reconstruction" of the score.

See: Bruckner, Anton:
Symphonic Prelude, for another version of this work.