Gustav Mahler :: Symphony No.1, D major (Titan)


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Mahler, Gustav
(b Kalischt, nr Iglau [now Kaliste, Jihlava], Bohemia, 7 July 1860; d Vienna, 18 May 1911). Austrian
Symphony No.1, D major (Titan) <1884–1888; rev
1893–1896; 2nd rev. ca 1906>
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A 5th trumpet and 4th trombone may be used in the last movement to strengthen the horns if necessary. Also in the last movement, the 4th clarinet (playing Ebcl) should be "at least" doubled; thus a 5th or even 6th player.
3tp are backstage ("in der Ferne") in the introduction to the 1st mvt.
Universal ed. Sander Wilkens ("corrected new printing"), 1995.
Breitkopf, ed. Christopher Riedel, includes the
Blumine mvt (which the composer had removed after 1894) as well as other revisions up to 1910.
A reduced version by Erwin Stein is available from Universal, supposedly calling for:
2 2 3 2 — 4 3[4 opt] 3[4 opt] 1 — 2tmp+3 — hp — str
I. Langsam schleppend
II. Kräftig bewegt
III. Feierlich und gemessen
IV. Stürmisch bewegt