Gustav Mahler :: Symphony No.5, C-sharp minor


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Mahler, Gustav
(b Kalischt, nr Iglau [now Kaliste, Jihlava], Bohemia, 7 July 1860; d Vienna, 18 May 1911). Austrian
Symphony No.5, C-sharp minor <1901–1902; rev repeatedly>
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All 3 clarinets are in C in mvt 2 for 30 bars. Bcl is in A for 13 bars near the end of the 1st mvt; elsewhere bcl is in B-flat. In Reinhold Kubik's ed., D-cl is removed from 3rd clarinet part and inserted into the 2nd part.
Various critical editions, all published by Peters: Reinhold Kubik 2001; Erwin Ratz & Karl Heinz Füssl, 1989; Erwin Ratz, 1964, 1975.
Movement durations given are those of a performance led by Mahler on March 12, 1905. Records also show on that occasion a 2' interval between mvts 1 and 2, 3' between 2 and 3, and 3' between 3 and 4 (mvts 4 & 5 are
PART I [27']
1. Trauermarsch
2. Stürmisch bewegt
PART II [17']
3. Scherzo: Kräftig, nicht zu schnell
PART III [24']
4. Adagietto
5. Rondo-Finale