Hector Berlioz :: Les Francs-Juges, op.3 (Judges of the Secret Court)


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Berlioz, Hector
(b La Cote-Saint-Andre, Isere, 11 Dec 1803; d Paris, 8 March 1869). French
Les Francs-Juges, op.3 (Judges of the Secret Court) <1826>
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In the brass, the lower tuba (ophicleide) part is merely an octave-doubling of the upper part. A 2nd cornet part is included in the Kalmus set; this part does not appear in the matching score (Breitkopf reprint); the 1st cornet part also differs from the one given in that score.
Source of text: Opera by H. Ferrand. Has not completely survived.