Hector Berlioz :: Requiem, op.5 (Grande messe des morts)


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Berlioz, Hector
(b La Cote-Saint-Andre, Isere, 11 Dec 1803; d Paris, 8 March 1869). French
Requiem, op.5 (Grande messe des morts) <1837>
chorus tenor solo
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The above includes the 4 small orchestras of brass instruments (trumpets, cornets, trombones, tubas & ophicleides) placed at the four corners of the body of chorus and orchestra; only the horns are seated in the main orchestra.
Number of real parts for winds and percussion, exclusive of doublings: 4 4[incl Eh] 2 4 — 6 8 8 3 — 4tmp, 3perc.
Kalmus timpani parts are redistributed to permit performance by 6 timpanists.

Source of text: Roman Catholic liturgy. Language: Latin
1. Requiem et Kyrie
2. Dies irae
3. Quid sum miser
4. Rex tremendae
5. Quaerens me
6. Lacrimosa
7. Offertoire; Choeur des âmes du Purgatoire
8. Hostias
9. Sanctus
10. Agnus Dei