Hershy Kay :: Cakewalk: Concert Suite


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Kay, Hershy
(b Philadelphia, 17 Nov 1919; d Danbury, CT, 2 Dec 1981). American
Cakewalk: Concert Suite <1951>
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After piano melodies of Louis Moreau Gottschalk and early minstrel tunes.
1. Great Walkaround
2. Three Variations: Wallflower Waltz
Sleight of Feet
Perpendicular Points
3. Freebee
4. Magic Act: Introduction of the Magicians
Venus and the Three Graces
The Wild Pony
Pas de deux
5. Finale: Gala Cakewalk

Additional info
Contents—1. Great Walkaround; 2. Three Variations (Wallflower Waltz, Sleight of Feet, Perpendicular Points); 3. Freebee; 4. Magic Act (Introduction of the Magicians, Venus and the Three Graces, The Wild Pony, Pas de deux); 5. Finale: Gala Cakewalk