Ignaz Pleyel :: Requiem, B754, E-flat major


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Pleyel, Ignaz
(b Ruppersthal, 18 June 1757; d Paris, 14 Nov 1831). Austro-French
Requiem, B754, E-flat major <1789>
chorus solos STBar
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Ed. Thomas Mersich.
I. Introitus: Largo non troppo
II. Te dece hymnus
III. Kyrie
IV. Sequentia. Dies Irae: Allegro spiritoso
V. Judex ergo: Maestoso
VI. Qui Mariam: Andante
VII. Lacrimosa: Moderato
VIII. Offertorium. Domini Jesu: Andante
IX. Hostias et preces: Andante
X. Sanctus: Adagio–Allegro
XI. Benedictus: Andante
XII. Hosanna: Allegro
XIII. Agnus Dei: Andante
XIV. Choral. Lux aeterna