Igor Markevitch :: Six Songs Mussorgsky


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Markevitch, Igor
(b Kiev, 27 July 1912; d Antibes, 7 March 1983). French composer of Ukrainian birth.
Six Songs Mussorgsky <1856–1867; rev (orchd) 1945>
solo soprano
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6 songs by Modest Mussorgsky, selected and orchd by Igor Markevitch, and published under the later's name.
Source of text: A.N. Ostrovsky (I), Pushkin (II & III), N. Grekov (IV), the composer (V), Shevchenko (VI). Italian t by M. Tibaldi Chiesa. Language: Italian translation
I. Dormi, dormi… (Kolïbel'naya pesnya; Cradle song)
II. L’Uccello chiacchierino (Strekotun'ya beloboka;
The Magpie)
III. Notte (Noch’; Night)
IV. Ove sei, piccola stella? (Gde tï, ... ; (Where art
thou, little star?)
V. Il Monello (Ozornik; The Ragamuffin)
VI. Sul Dneipr (Na Dnepre; On the Dnieper)