Igor Stravinsky :: Four Etudes for Orchestra (Quatre études)


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Stravinsky, Igor
(b Oranienbaum, nr St Petersburg, 5/17 June 1882; d New York, 6 April 1971). Russian composer, later of French (1934) and American (1945) nationality
Four Etudes for Orchestra (Quatre études) <1928–1929>
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An arrangement by the composer of his Three Pieces for String Quartet (1914), and Study for Pianola (1917),
Available scores are replete with error, to the point that it is difficult to be certain about what instruments are required. 4 notes for a 4th trombone are probably intended for the tuba.
1. Danse
2. Excentrique
3. Cantique
4. Madrid

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Contents—1. Danse; 2. Excentrique; 3. Cantique; 4. Madrid