Igor Stravinsky :: Les Noces [1919 draft] (Svadebka; The Wedding)


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Stravinsky, Igor
(b Oranienbaum, nr St Petersburg, 5/17 June 1882; d New York, 6 April 1971). Russian composer, later of French (1934) and American (1945) nationality
Les Noces [1919 draft] (Svadebka; The Wedding)
solos S Ms T B chorus SSAATTBB
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Ed. Millan Sachania; missing passages in Tableaux I & II filled in by Colin Matthews; orchestration and realization of Tableaux III & IV by Theo Verbey. This is a completion of an early version of this seminal work. For the composer's definitive version, see the previous entry.
Text in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet), Russian transliteration (to the Latin alphabet), and French translation.

Source of text: Stravinsky derived the texts from traditional Russian folktales collected by P.V. Kireyevsky. The French version prepared by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz.
Première Partie [14']
Premier tableau (Chez la marièe)
Deuxième tableau (Chez la mariè)
Troisième tableau (Le départ de la marièe)
Deuxième Partie [10']
Quatrième tableau (Le repas de noces)