Igor Stravinsky :: Les Noces [definitive version] (Svadebka; The Wedding)


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Stravinsky, Igor
(b Oranienbaum, nr St Petersburg, 5/17 June 1882; d New York, 6 April 1971). Russian composer, later of French (1934) and American (1945) nationality
Les Noces [definitive version] (Svadebka; The Wedding)
<1914–1917; rev 1921–1923>
solos: S Ms T B chorus SSAATTBB
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Originally (1917) for voices and large instrumental ensemble. This 2005 Chester critical edition (Ed. Margarita Mazo & Millan Sachania) is the edition of choice. Earlier Chester editions, and reprints thereof by Kalmus and Luck's, should not be considered.
The text in this edition is in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet), Russian transliteration (Latin alphabet), and French translation. A separate printing of this Chester edition has text in German and English. Scores may be seen at: http://www.musicsalesclassical.com/OnDemand
Source of text: Stravinsky derived the texts from traditional Russian folktales collected by P.V. Kireyevsky. The French version prepared by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. English text by D. Millar Craig. German text by K. Gutheim & H. Krüger. Language: Russian
PART I [14']
At the Bride's House
At the Bridegroom's House
The Bride's Departure
PART II [10']
The Wedding Feast
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Contents—PART I: At the Bride’s House; At the Bridegroom’s House; The Bride’s Departure; PART II: The Wedding Feast