Kiel, Friedrich :: Requiem, op.20, F minor


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Kiel, Friedrich
(b Bad Laasphe, 8 Oct 1821; Berlin, 13 Sept 1885). German
Requiem, op.20, F minor <1859–1860>
Chorus SSAATTBB solos SATB
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Not to be confused with his Requiem, op.80, A-flat major.
Original publisher: Peters; likely out of print. Score & parts on IMSLP.

Source of text: Roman Catholic liturgy. Language: Latin
I. Requiem aeternam: Largo
II. Kyrie: Andante con moto
III. Dies irae
IV. Recordare: Andante con moto
V. Confutatis: Moderato
VI. Lacrymosa: Grave
VII. Domine: Maestoso–Quam olim Abrahae
VIII. Hostias: Allegretto con moto
IX. Sanctus: Adagio–Osanna: Allegro
X. Benedictus: Andante
XI. Agnus Dei