Kirke Mechem :: Songs of the Slave, op.51b


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Mechem, Kirke
(b Wichita, KS, 16 Aug 1925). American
Songs of the Slave, op.51b <1993>
solos: bass-baritone, soprano chorus
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From the composer's opera John Brown. A reduced orchestration is available:
2[1.2/pic] 2 2[1.2/bcl] 2 — 4 2 2 0 — tmp+2 — hp — str

Source of text: Kirke Mechem. Language: English
1. Blow Ye the Trumpet (chorus)
2. The Songs of the Slave (solo bs-bar)
3. Dan-u-el (solo baritone & chorus)
4. Dear Husband (solo soprano)
5. A Speech by Frederick Douglass (solo bs-bar)
6. Declaration (solo bs-bar & chorus)