Leopold Mozart :: Kindersymphonie, C major (Toy Symphony; Sinfonia Berchtolsgadensis)


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Mozart, Leopold
(b Augsburg, 14 Nov 1719; d Salzburg, 28 May 1787). German-Austrian
Kindersymphonie, C major (Toy Symphony; Sinfonia
Berchtolsgadensis) <1786>
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Toy instruments: trumpet, drum, cuckoo, nightingale, rattle, triangle, quail.
Published variously under the names of Joseph Haydn and Leopold Mozart (Breitkopf & Doblinger editions are under Leopold Mozart's name; Kalmus & Luck's [reprints of earlier editions] are under that of Franz Joseph Haydn).
This work has also been attributed to Michael Haydn and to Edmund Angerer (also Augener, Angener). Some early sources are titled
Berchtolds Gaden Musick, and some use viola instead of 2nd violin as the middle of the 3 string voices.
A corruption of this work was later incorporated into a
Cassation that has been attributed, perhaps incorrectly, to Leopold Mozart.
I. Allegro
II. Menuetto
III. Finale: Allegro