Marianne Martínez :: In Exitu Israel de Agypto


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Martínez, Marianne
(b Vienna, 4 May 1744; d Vienna, 13 Dec 1812). Austrian composer of Spanish descent.
In Exitu Israel de Agypto <1790>
chorus solos SATB
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Furore ed. Conrad Misch; ClarNan ed. Shirley Bean.
Flutes in no.7 only, where oboes are tacet.

Source of text: D. Saverio Mattei, a paraphrase of Psalm 113 in verse form. Language: Italian
1. In Exitu Israel
2. Lo veda appena
3. Da ignota
4. Quindi e che ciechi
5. Orechie e nari
6. V'h quei che l'orme
7. Dehl cosi ognor
8. In vita