Meredith, Anna :: Nautilus (arr. Ross & Meredith)


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Meredith, Anna
(b Tufnell Park, London, 12 Jan 1978). Scottish
Nautilus (arr. Ross & Meredith) <2011; rev 2023>
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Arr by Jack Ross as well as by the composer.
The preferred version of this piece augments trumpet, trombone and tuba forces (prioritizing trombones).
The most effective instrumentation doubles all trombones. However, any single additional tbn (preferred btbn) can double an existing line.
If a 4th tp is available, ossia part exists.
If 5 tp available, double 1st.
If 6 tp available: double 1st & 2nd.
If 7tp available: double 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
For balance, where more than 4 tp available, they should only double if trombone forces are
also augmented. 2nd tuba is optional but also preferred.