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Jerona Music Corp.
P.O. Box 671
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: 201-568-8448
Fax: 201-569-7023
Japan Federation of Composers, Inc.
Phone: +81 (0) )3-6276-1177
Fax: +81 (0) )3-3376-3371
JMJ Music Publishers
1409 Northfield St.
Greensboro NC 27403
Phone: 336-456-8835

1110 14th Street
Greensboro NC 27405
Phone: 336-456-8835
US agent: JW Pepper / Jarrett Music LLC
  Music of Jack M. Jarrett.
Société des Éditions Jobert
US agent: Presser
Agent: Lemoine
  Established 1922 in Paris as the successor firm to Eugène Fromont. As of January 2008, complete distribution and rights representation for Éditions Jobert reside with Lemoine.
C. Joubert & Cie
US agent: Presser
  Célestin Joubert went into partnership with publisher Louis Bathiot in 1891, and bought out Bathiot in 1887. He also acquired in 1887 the catalog of Brandus, which included Schlesinger and Troupenas. Joubert was sold to Éditions et Productions Théâtrales Chappell in 1970.
P. Jurgenson
US agent: Peters
  Founded 1861 by Pyotr Ivanovich Jürgenson, specializing in Russian music. Nationalized in 1918 to become the music section of the Soviet State Publishing House under various names (see Muzyka). Current arrangements with foreign agents are listed under the rubric Russian, q.v. The firm P. Jurgenson was revived in 2004 by the great-grandson of the founder.
JW Pepper
J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
191 Sheree Blvd.
Exton PA 19341
Phone: 800-345-6296; 610-648-0500
Fax: 800-260-1482