Peter Maxwell Davies :: The Shepherds' Calendar, op.30 [J.112]


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Maxwell Davies, Peter
(b Salford, Greater Manchester, 8 Sept 1934; d Orkney Islands, 14 March 2016). English
The Shepherds' Calendar, op.30 [J.112] <1965>
chorus treble soloist
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Treble soloist may be replaced by a soprano, or group of trebles and/or sopranos, doubled by a flute if necessary.
Suitable for church choirs, amateur, school or professional choruses.

Source of text: From Goliard poets, 13th century. Language: Latin
1. Letabund rediit
2. Vestiunt silve tenera memorem
3. De ramis cadunt folia
4. Veniet Dominus, et non tardabit
Additional info
Contents—1. Letabund rediit; 2. Vestiunt silve tenera memorem; 3. De ramis cadunt folia; 4. Veniet Dominus, et non tardabit