Stephen Montague :: The Creatures Indoors


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Montague, Stephen
(b Syracuse, NY, 10 March 1943). American
The Creatures Indoors <1996>
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Six mechanical music boxes (one for the narrator, one for a percussionist, and 4 placed within the orchestra) are available from the publisher; the composer indicates that the audience should be encouraged beforehand to bring their own mechanical music boxes (any kind is welcome) for audience participation in the "grand chorus of musical boxes" between Panda Power and Cabbage Dreams.
The audience is also instructed to "hiss" like a snake or "buzz" like a fly on cue.

Source of text: Poetry by Jo Shapcott. Language: English
1 Come on in
2. Rattlesnake
3. Vulture
4. Fly Interlude No.1: House fly
5. Elephant
6. Fly Interlude No.2: House flies & Bluebottles
7. Staircase Tiger
8. Washing Up with the Shark Family
9. Fly Interlude No.3: Black Flies
10. Penguin Complaints
11. Panda Power
12. Cabbage Dreams
13. Fly Swarm
14. Finale