Undine Smith Moore :: Scenes from the Life of a Martyr


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Moore, Undine Smith
(b Jarratt, VA, 25 Aug 1904; d Petersburg, VA, 6 Feb 1989). American
Scenes from the Life of a Martyr <1978>
solos SATB chorus narrator
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Orchestrated by Donald Rauscher.
Language: English
Prologue 1: What is Precious is Never to Forget
Prologue 2: O Stay in the Field, Children
Prologue 3: Lay Dis Body Down
1. Whenever a People Is Oppressed They Wait in Hope
2. His mother Rocked Him Gently with Love and Freedom
on Her Mind
3. Songs at the Cradle, No.1
4. Songs at the Cradle, No.2
5. Songs at the Cradle, No.3
6. Ring Game
7. The Voice of My Beloved
8. Arise My Love, My Fair One
9. Set Me As a Seal on Thy Heart
10. He Hath Anointed Me to Preach the Gospel
11. I Never Felt Such Love in My Soul Before
12. Martin's Song (Lord, Thou Knowest)
13. Martin's Lament
14. Oh God, How Many Are Them That Hate Me!
15. They Tell Me Martin Is Dead
16. Tell All My Father's People Don’t You Grieve for
Me (Alleluia)