William Mathias :: Concerto, Organ, op.91


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Mathias, William (James)
(b Whitland, Carmarthenshire, 1 Nov 1934; d Menai Bridge, Anglesey, 29 July 1992). Welsh
Concerto, Organ, op.91 <1984>
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Played without a pause.
Based on the opening of J.S. Bach's
Canone doppio sopr'il soggetto, BWV 1077.
Tp 4-6 play in final section [15] only and are to be placed together in the back of the hall to create an antiphonal effect with tp 1-3 in the orchestra.
1. Christ is condemned to death: Moderato
2. Christ receives the Cross: Allegro
3. Christ falls for the first time: Presto, poco a
4. Christ is met by his mother: Andante
5. The Cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene: Allegro
6. Christ's face is wiped by Veronica: Moderato
7. Christ falls a second time: Presto, poco a piacere
8. The Women of Jerusalem mourn: Maestoso
9. Christ falls for a third time: Presto, poco a
10. Christ is stripped of his clothes: Allegro non
11. Christ is nailed to the Cross: Poco piu mosso
12. Christ dies on the Cross: Molto lento
13. Christ is laid in the arms of his Mother: Andante
14. Christ is laid in the tomb...: Lento
15. Allegro molto moderato