William Schuman :: Casey at the Bat


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Schuman, William
(b New York, 4 Aug 1910; d New York, 15 Feb 1992). American
Casey at the Bat <1953; rev 1976>
soloists: baritone, soprano chorus
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A baseball cantata adapted from the composer's 1953 opera The Mighty Casey. The solo baritone takes many roles; there is an optional role for a boy soprano.
Source of text: Libretto by Jeremy Gury, based on the poem by Ernest L. Thayer. Language: English
1. Noon of the Big Day
2. The Championship of the State
3. The Mighty Casey
4. Autograph
5. You look so sweet today
6. Kiss me not goodbye
7. Last half of the ninth
8. Two out
9. If only Casey
10. A prayer
11. Surprise
12. This gladdened multitude
13. It looked extremely rocky
14. You’re doin' fine kid
15. That ain't my style
16. Rhubarb
17. With a smile of Christian charity
18. Hist'ry hangs on a slender thread
19. The sneer has gone from Casey's lips
20. Oh, somewhere (Requiem)