William Schuman :: Symphony No.3


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Schuman, William
(b New York, 4 Aug 1910; d New York, 15 Feb 1992). American
Symphony No.3 <1941>
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Optional instruments termed "very desirable." All the optional woodwinds and the piano are carefully notated in the score; however, the horns 5-8 are not notated at all, nor does the publisher have parts for them. It would seem unlikely that so careful an orchestrator as Wm.Schuman would want all the horns doubled all the time. Possibly the request for 4 additional horns was an afterthought, or perhaps the composer intends the conductor to specify where the horns are doubled.
PART I [14']
PART II [19']
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Contents—PART I: Passacaglia & Fugue; PART II: Chorale & Toccata