Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :: Mass, K.427 (417a), C minor (Levin)


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian
Mass, K.427 (417a), C minor (Levin) <1782–1783>
Solos SSTB double chorus
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Completed and edited by Robert D. Levin, 2005, using hitherto unused sketch material from 1783, as well as music adapted from the cantata Davidde penitente, K.469, for which Mozart had already adapted music from the Kyrie and Gloria of K.427.
Source of text: Roman Catholic Liturgy. Language: Latin
1. Kyrie (Solo Soprano, Chorus)
2. Gloria (Chorus)
3. Laudamus te (Solo Soprano)
4. Gratias (Chorus)
5. Domine (Duet)
6. Qui tollis (Double Chorus)
7. Quoniam (Trio)
8. Jesu Christe (Chorus & Trio)
9. Credo (Chorus)
10. Et incarnatus est (Solo Soprano)
11. Crucifixus (Chorus)
12. Et resurrexit (Chorus)
13. Et in Spiritum Sanctum (Solo Tenor)
14. Et unam sanctam (Chorus)
15. Et vitam venturi (Chorus)
16. Sanctus (Double Chorus)
17. Benedictus (Quartet, Double Chorus)
18. Agnus Dei (Solo Soprano, Chorus)
19. Dona nobis pacem (Solo Quartet, Chorus)