Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :: Requiem, K.626 (Beyer)


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian
Requiem, K.626 (Beyer)
chorus solos SATB
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Described as a reorchestration, but actually much more than that. Franz Beyer left the voice parts unchanged from the traditional Süssmayr version, but attempted to improve the rest of the texture and voice-leading. Though both Eulenburg (1971) and Kunzelmann (1979) editions are by Beyer, and are very similar, there are a few differences in detail. Kunzelmann edition offers clarinet parts as alternatives to basset horns.
Source of text: Roman Catholic liturgy. Language: Latin
I. Introitus - Requiem
II. Kyrie
III. Sequenz
Dies irae
Tuba mirum
Rex tremendae
IV. Offertorium
Domine Jesu
V. Sanctus
VI. Benedictus
VII. Agnus Dei
VIII. Communio