Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :: Requiem, K.626 (Maunder)


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian
Requiem, K.626 (Maunder)
chorus solos SATB
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Richard Maunder (1988) starts from Mozart's autograph, using none of Süssmayr's contributions. Orchestration reworked throughout. Lacrymosa has new continuation which leads to a completion of Mozart's sketch for an Amen fugue. (Süssmayr's Sanctus and Benedictus are included as appendices.)
Maunder's related book,
Mozart's Requiem: On Preparing a New Edition (Oxford, 1988), appeared simultaneously with the edition.
Carus materials for sale; Oxford for rental only.

Source of text: Roman Catholic liturgy. Language: Latin