Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :: Serenade No.6, K.239, D major (Serenata notturna)


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian
Serenade No.6, K.239, D major (Serenata notturna) <1776>
solos: 2vn, va, db
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Commonly available editions of this work show 2 solo violins with accompaniment for timpani and string orchestra. This is a misrepresentation of the basic double-string-group structure. These editions also may indicate a solo cello doubling the solo double bass; this doubling is spurious.
If performed with single players on each part, the combined string count, including soloists, would be
I. Marcia maestoso
II. Menuetto
III. Rondo: Allegretto - Adagio - Allegro

Additional info
Contents—I. Marcia maestoso; II. Menuetto; III. Rondo: Allegretto - Adagio - Allegro.