Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :: Serenade No.7, K.250 (248b), D major (Haffner)


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian
Serenade No.7, K.250 (248b), D major (Haffner) <1776>
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The March, K.249, is used as an introduction to this serenade; the Bärenreiter edition includes the march (an extra 4').
Three of the 8 movements (2.
Andante, 3. Menuetto, 4. Rondeau) constitute a mini-concerto, complete with cadenza and Eingänge, for the concertmaster.
The remaining movements (nos. 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8) are used (with timpani part added by Leopold Mozart) as the Symphony, K.250 (248b). The latter is
not, however, the "Haffner" Symphony (K.385).
I. Allegro maestoso - Allegro molto
II. Andante
III. Menuetto
IV. Rondo: Allegro
V. Menuetto galante
VI. Andante
VII. Menuetto
VIII. Adagio - Allegro assai